Sweet Sälen and their eerie pop noir


Spotify is the best for discovering new music. Well, maybe a close second to SoundCloud.

Anyway, I was absent-mindedly scrolling through my Discover Weekly when cue: enter Sälen.
Sälen are London trio made up of Paul Taylor Wade, Ellie Kamio and Simon Milner (of Is Tropical). It’s hard not to fall for them straight aware: Ellie’s sickly sweet vocals lure you into a bed of breezy beats.
Each song is slick and distinct. From the chimey pulses of Diseasy, an ode to bad-mistakes-that-feel-good-at-the-time; to their debut single IILWMBF, a yearnful melody of unrequited love.
They’re imagination surpasses their lyrically unique approach to songwriting, having made the coolest music video on just a £200 budget.
I was gutted to miss their gig last week, but at the rate their profile is snow-balling, they’ll be another one soon.

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