Reggae lady Hollie Cook’s new album – Twice

Have had Hollie Cook’s new album ‘Twice’ on repeat all weekend. It’s one fluid, enchanting reggae dream that perfectly matches Cook’s delicate, etherial vocal

After a successful pre-order campaign running since February  on PledgeMusic, Cook has given pledgers the download 2 weeks before its official release tomorrow. I pledged for the vinyl, below.


'Twice' on Vinyl (

‘Twice’ on Vinyl (


Although she’s the daughter of Sex Pistol’s drummer Paul Cook, there’s no denying her talent’s her own. The album is creative and stunning and has the potential to be a big player in UK reggae, for the summer and beyond.

Especially listen out for the steel drums in Postman, mesmerising break-up song Looking for Real Love and my personal favourite, the tropical Tiger Balm.



Hollie Cook returns with her brand new album ‘Twice’, produced by Prince Fatty. 12th May 2014 on Mr Bongo.

Get it here.

Hollie Cook official site.

Full tracklisting:

1) Ari Up
2) 99
3) Desdemona
4) Tiger Balm
5) Postman
6) Looking For Real Love
7) Superfast
8) Twice
9) Win Or Lose



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