Listening to Paris Hilton’s new single ‘Good Time’ is anything but that

Paris Hilton makes a return to the music world with an Afrojack-produced pop-single featuring Lil Wayne.

After her residency in Ibiza’s Amnesia was renewed this summer, there may be some of you who can be forgiven for thinking that her next release would be a move away from the mainstream, or a manoeuvre to gain more industry credibility. This is not the case. Listening to Hilton’s new single ‘Good Time’ is anything but that.

Repetitive and cliche-filled, this electro-pop hit doesn’t seem to be doing its talented co-creators any real favours. Yet it is another produce of the Paris Hilton mega-brand that, much like her last single ‘Stars Are Blind’, will be much enjoyed in many clubs by people that are drunk.

The music video is considerably better, however. Paris hasn’t aged since her last video, and it purveys scenes of people who do quite a good job of looking like they are actually having a ‘good time’.

Music video by Paris Hilton performing Good Time (Explicit). © Cash Money Records Inc.



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