Teenage kicks: Lorde’s rebellious soul-pop & trippy trends

I love chatting to school kids, as I find they are the most on the ball with the freshest music and fashion.

Last weekend I was catching with my mates younger brother, a sixth form student in Exeter, about what’s circulating in the South West at the moment. The answer: trippy t-shirt prints and statement-making sing-songwriter, Lorde.

Lorde in Seattle (Image by Kirk Stauffer [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)

Lorde in Seattle (Image by Kirk Stauffer via Wikimedia Commons)

Like all creative souls, 16-year-old Lorde’s style is a mosaic of influences and sounds that has produced an infectious result.

Her lyrics have a teenage kick to them, sung with a combination of sweet and sultry to create a ‘series of lusts and luxuries’, absent of the usual bemoans of failed relationships and focusing on more real, poetic content.

Lorde, AKA Ella Yelich O’Connor, also enjoys huge online popularity – approaching 120 000 followers on twitter and over 56 000 on Soundcloud, and a Tumblr that confirms her creative flair. There’s even whispers among some writers she’ll be the next Queen of Pop.

Image from flickr.com/oh_darling blogged at SoundFruits

Image from flickr.com/oh_darling

Although Tennis Courts and Royals are proving popular I personally prefer The Love Club – a contagious, ethereal pop song. Her debut album Pure Heroine is due for release on October 28th.

Next, I was then taken through pages and pages of different ‘up-and-coming’ boutique clothing companies, that all featured large, vibrant, quirky prints that guarantee attention.

Urban-wear brand And Also seems to be this month’s flavor, offering bespoke and unique clothing ‘dropping something fresh every week’.

And Also Sound Fruits

AND EATEN ALIVE TEE £13.99 (andclothingstore.co.uk)

AND EATEN ALIVE TEE £13.99 (andclothingstore.co.uk)

The collections include classic logo prints, florals, geometric shapes and more whack stuff like this Eaten Alive! Dino print T Shirt.

This is the ideal brand for the adventurous and attention-seeking teen: the prints are imaginative, fresh and fun. Although most of the clothes are uni-sex, I feel like the choice is slightly better for guys.

They do however have a collection of pretty cute beanies.





My favorites from their site included this men’s T Shirt:

And.Also Island Pocket Tee £12.99 (andclothingstore.co.uk)

And.Also Island Pocket Tee £12.99 (andclothingstore.co.uk)

And these crazy socks:

AND Tropical Leaf Socks £7.99 (andclothingstore.co.uk)

AND Tropical Leaf Socks £7.99 (andclothingstore.co.uk)

Keep an eye on their twitter for discounts.



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